Progress Updates

Museum Floorplan and Layout

Museo de Maria Floor Plan.pdf

The proposed museum design and floor plan is the brainchild of Architect Tomas B. Binbinon Jr., the proprietor of BAP Design-Build Services.

In 2021, the design was approved by the university's Research and Community Development Council (RCDC) and the initial phase of construction and renovation is slotted to begin in 2022.

Kasiyanna Digital Magazine

Kasiyanna is an anthology that honors the traditional, rich cultures of indigenous people and sheds light on the collective issues within their communities amidst the pandemic. There might not be a silver lining to the crisis yet, but this issue hopefully allows deeper dialogue and engenders a stronger call to action.

The original issue was launched back in 2020 as a collaborative effort between Novice and the LMCDAC.