Museum Mission & Vision

Museo de Maria aims to preserve and exhibit the historical and cultural narrative that reflects CICM and SMU presence in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. It shall conduct research, exhibitions and educational fora to showcase the rich historical and cultural heritage of CICM and SMU for the artists, scholars, historians, researchers and educators as well as visitors.

Museo de Maria will be a vibrant socio-cultural and educational center in Nueva Vizcaya. It will be a platform and a resource for artists, scholars, historians, researchers and educators. The museum will preserve and catalogue important objects and documents and will use these to provide education and cultural programs for the public.

A brief history of the university museum

1990's - The university museum was opened at room UB314 and was supervised by the Social Sciences Department.

2006 - The museum was relocated to the Hantson Building.

2007 - The museum was relocated to the 2nd floor of the JVB Building and was supervised by the University Learning Resource Centre.

2020 - The Lingkod Maria Community Development and Advocacy Centre, the University Learning Resource Centre, and the School of Engineering, Architecture, and Information Technology, conducted an artifact research, and crafted a museum design plan in its new location.

2021-2023 - Proposed museum revitalization period.

Organizational structure & directory


University President - Dr. John Octavios S. Palina

Vice President for Mission and Identity - Rev. Fr. Philip A. Yu, CICM

LMCDAC Director - Dr. Cristopher Allen S. Marquez